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The Choreographic Archive of Siobhan Davies Dance

Guest Scrapbooks

Becky Swain - Exploring the Making Process

Clore Fellow and Professional Learning Manager Becky Swain is one of a number of collaborators and associates invited to explore the archive and create a guest scrapbook. The pathway below provides a glimpse into the route she took through the archive and why.

“I met Siobhan Davies in the Spring of this year before I met the company's work through a dance piece. The only live performance I have seen so far is 'Minute', a piece performed at the Victoria Miro Gallery, London. I was moved by the serious playfulness of the piece, both in the choreography and also in the use of text, music and the energy created not only by the movement of the dancers but the exchange of energies by the interaction of spectator and dancers within the space. I went back to see the piece several times and it also left me with many questions: What came first, the text, the movement, music, a theme, a story or a word?; How was the making process different knowing that the piece was to be performed in a gallery space?; To what extent was as the piece exploring the process of how dancers think through dance?

To my delight the archive allows anyone to get under the surface of some of the dance works and explore the making process. I consider myself as someone who does not know much about dance and often find a company's description of pieces impenetrable. As someone whose work focuses on culture and learning I am interested in the entry points into a company's work and process for those who are not professional dancers.”

Becky Swain

Clore Fellow
Professional Learning Manager, Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE)

Becky is currently a Clore Fellow and is on sabbatical from her role as Professional Learning Manager for Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE). CCE is a new national organisation that manages a number of high profile culture and learning programmes across England. In this national role Becky leads on professional learning and workforce development for programmes that include Creative Partnerships, a national programme building long term partnerships between schools and creative professionals and cross-sector mentoring to enhance the quality of culture and learning for children and young people in their locality. Becky has previously been a CPD consultant, Education Officer for UCL Bloomsbury Theatre, English and Drama Teacher in Newcastle Upon Tyne and youth and community worker for St Margaret's Streetwork Project, Scotswood. She is currently Vice Chair of Governors of De Beauvoir Primary School, Hackney.

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